Dėl galimo vaiko teisių pažeidimo kreipkitės į artimiausią teritorinį Tarnybos skyrių – darbo dienomis nuo 8:00 iki 17:00. Norėdami pranešti apie galimą vaiko teisių pažeidimą po darbo valandų, nedarbo bei švenčių dienomis kreipkitės bendruoju pagalbos telefonu – 112.

For possible violations of the rights of the child, please contact the nearest territorial division on working days from 8:00 to 17:00. After working hours, holidays and public holidays – call general helpline 112.


In Lithuania

In order to ensure child rights protection, the State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service (hereinafter referred to as the Service) cooperates with the municipal administrations, their Social Assistance Divisions, inter-institutional cooperation coordinators and Social Service Institutions. The specialists of the territorial divisions of the Service, in response to the report about the potential child rights violation, assess the level of threat to the child and after having determined the first or the second level of threat to the child apply to the municipal administration with a request to appoint a Case Manager.

Close cooperation between the Service and the Case Manager is taking place during the process of case management in order to ensure the child rights: the specialists of the territorial divisions of the Service take part in the meetings of the case management, issue opinions on the participation of a child in the meeting or present the child‘s opinion if the child is absent from the meeting. The Case Manager may at any time during the case management process apply to the territorial division of the Service for methodological assistance.

The Service also actively cooperates with the law enforcement authorities, including police. On 2 July 2018 the Service has entered into and signed the cooperation contract with the Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior which is aimed at smooth and operative work between these two institutions in order to ensure the protection of the rights of the child 24 hours a day. It has been agreed that the Service shall provide the Police Department with the special telephone numbers of the territorial divisions of the Service to be used by police 24 hours a day to contact the specialists of the Service in the territorial divisions of the Service and to inform on the potential child rights violations.

The agreement between the General Prosecutor Office, the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, police, the Service and the Institution of the Ombudsman for the Protection of the Rights of the Child intended for ensuring as efficiently as possible the child rights and protecting them in various critical situations has been signed on 28 June 2018.

Each of the institutions listed above has assumed on the basis of this document very specific, clearly described obligations and responsibilities concerning the actions, procedures, mutual informing that must be carried out within the time set and other cooperation in various situations when the state has to take immediate care of the rights and safety of a particular child

In the context of its activities involving foster care (guardianship) of children, adoption organizing and coordination of foster care (guardianship) surveillance, the Service cooperates with the municipal administrations and their branches that are responsible for organizing foster care (guardianship) of a child, municipality-based foster care centres and the non-governmental organizations that carry out the search for the future foster parents (guardians) of a child, organises training of the persons who seek to become foster parents (guardians), adoptive parents of a child or founders or participants of a household, carers on call according to a training and consultancy programme for foster parents (guardians), carers on call, adoptive parents, the staff members of the Community Foster Home (GIMK programme) and provide them with the necessary assistance in cases of foster care (guardianship) or adoption of a child.

The State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service carries out the implementation of national and international adoption and co-operates with municipalities and Guardianship centres relating preparation of adoptive parents and support services for them. The State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service collect data about children eligible for adoption and according to the child best interest,  needs  and  statutory procedure select the family to the child.   The State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service constantly keeps counseling to the accredited in Lithuania international adoption agencies regarding the adoption of children by special criteria’s. 

When dealing with the issues concerning foster care (guardianship), adoption of a child, the activities of carers of call, foster care centres the Service actively cooperates with the GIMK Association that unites the individuals certificated by the Service and with other non-governmental organisations that operate in the field of child rights protection, especially with the organisations that unite other non-governmental organisations.

The Service also cooperates with the non-governmental organisations providing emotional assistance, professional telephone counseling for parents, adults and children (“Child line“, “Youth line“, “Parent line“, etc.).